Dusseldorf International Airport

written by Admin on January 24, 2013 in Destinations and Dusseldorf and Europe and Germany with no comments

We arrived at the Dusseldorf Airport very early. There is an interesting train “flying” around that will give you a ride to the railway station nearby (“Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal Railway Station). From there you can go to Dusseldorf, or any part of Germany for that matter. I didn’t have to use a train that day, because we’ve rented a car to move around Europe.

Dusseldorf became the best place to start a European trip for me. For unknown reason the tickets cost cheaper from Vancouver to Dusseldorf, than to other destinations in Europe.

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Dusseldorf Airport International

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Dusseldorf Airport International 51.284478, 6.777523

Dusseldorf Airport International-2-2

Dusseldorf Airport International-3-1