Biermusem, Cologne

written by Admin on January 28, 2013 in Cologne and Europe and Germany with no comments
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Biermuseim, Cologne

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Biermuseim, Cologne 50.937902, 6.961899

Biermuseum is an interesting place, and not a museum at all, but a pub. On the outside the place looks very nice, and very inviting. If you live in Cologne you probably know a lot better places to visit, but for a regular tourist like me, it should be a good place if you like to try a good variety of German beers. According to the website the Biermuseum should carry 18 beers on drought, and at least 10 different bottled kinds. That sounds great, but when you come closer you will find that most of the variety are usual, “every day” beers that available anywhere else in Germany. One of the beers was Hofbräu Delicator, that supposedly can’t be found anywhere in Germany. My brother didn’t like it though.

Biermusem, Cologne
If you are out to try some new beer, I would recommend to stay away on Friday and Saturday nights. When we came the place was noisy and overcrowded. I think if you visit during the day time you will enjoy Biermusem a lot more.

The environment inside is very interesting, people tend to smoke, even though it’s not allowed. For some it might be unacceptable, so keep that in mind. The service is pretty good, there are waiters on both floors and you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your beer. The menus are written in English, German and French. By the way Biermuseum is one of only few places in Cologne where beer served in 400ml glasses, instead of a regular 200ml.

There was no food available, and bartender encouraged us to visit a place across the street, and bring the food from there. We live in the world of selling/upselling in North America, and I was amazed how easy they let us go to the rival establishment. Overall it’s a good place to visit with friends.