Notes from Limburg, Germany – Old Town

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Old Town, Limburg, Germany

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Old Town, Limburg, Germany 50.398561, 8.071175

Limburg is located in Hessen, Germany. The full name of the town is Limburg an der Lahn (Lahn is the name of the river it is standing on). Not many towns in Germany were able to keep most of their medieval buildings in such a good shape. Vast majority of the old buildings located in the Altstadt (The Old Town).

Limburg, Hesse, Germany, Old Town

Limburg, Hesse, Germany, Old Town, Alstadt

Inside the Old Town you will find many narrow streets with beautiful old-German style buildings. These are timber-frame houses mainly dating from 17th century, but there are some even from the 13th century.  Quite a few  of the buildings appear to be tilted due to their age, creating interesting architectural views.

The most important monuments of the town are: the 600 year-old Lahn Bridge, and the Limburger Dom. I will write about Limburger Dom in my next post.

Limburg, Hesse, Germany, Old Town, Alstadt

Limburg, Hesse, Germany, Old Town, Alstadt

The fountain is showing Friedrich von Hattstein. He was a dangerous street robber in the 14th century and was appointed as captain of the Limburg city guard by the authorities. The legend says that he drank 156 liters of wine from a barrel that he was holding. Such a great ability to drink that much was a sign of his unbelievable strength, and led to the creation of the fountain.

Friedrich von Hattstein, Limburg, Germany